Some people think that the key to success lies within their daily routines. Do you agree with this, and if so, what is your daily routine?

The key to success isn’t just one thing, but a daily routine certainly helps and validates the concept that “luck favors the prepared mind.”  My daily routine requires three (3) things: music, iced (or hot) tea, and lists.  If I’m not speaking with someone, I have my headphones in listening to all types of music.  Every day starts with hot tea (Earl Grey with heavy cream) and every afternoon, I switch to unsweetened iced tea.  Every morning with my hot tea and music, I construct a list of that day’s DODs (“do or die”).  This calms me immediately as it frames my focus and provides clarity on my priorities and how to leverage my staff to ensure these deadlines are done to our high standard of excellence.  Throughout the day, that list is rewritten — removing work completed — adding new work.  But there’s a great delight in being organized and having inventory to know all the fun projects soon to be completed.  A target of your objective is key.  It’s heaven.

Looking back at your teenage years, did you have any entrepreneurial interests?

100%.  That’s ALL I had.  I was the CEO of everything I imagined — part John Wick, part Carl Sagan, part Leonard Nimoy (“In Search Of”), part Jacques Cousteau, and part Amelia Earhart.  Whatever I imagined, I was paving a new path fearlessly and with sheer will and gumption.  I live most of my life in my head — in my daydreams — it fuels nearly everything. I only sleep about 4 hours a night so being alone for 10+ hours to work is my idea of perfect happiness.

Is there a specific time of day when you feel most productive?

Absolutely.  10 pm to 5 am.

Do you think there is one character trait/skill that is important to have in order to become a successful entrepreneur in today’s world?

Unrelentingly tenacious — perseverance, sheer will, motivation, unwavering, and you need drive — you have to love to work, love to ask questions, fix things to get better, want to know how and why things work, be competitive to your own standard of excellence and never rest on your laurels.  To be continually learning and refining — to never be satisfied.   

Has being a woman in the business world affected you positively or negatively, and how so?

I have never, for a single second in a 30-year career, ever thought about my gender.  Not for a single second.  I simply think about the work and what it will take to get it done to my standard, and what I can learn along the way.  

What is one major goal that you wish to achieve by 2030?

To continue to learn something brand new every single day.  I awake with a sense of urgency and determination.  There’s a lot to do — and it’s all so much fun.

Who is your biggest influence and why? 

My biggest influence is the sheer delight of loving.  It drives everything I do.  It is the cornerstone and core of every single thing I do.  To be given the privilege and permission to love someone else is the greatest reason for being I know.

If you could pick one female entrepreneur, who would you say is your biggest inspiration? 

Earhart, Stark, Cochran, Bird, Baret — any woman who didn’t wait for a knock on the door.  They built the door.  They only saw what was possible when others wouldn’t dare dream….

What has been the most formative advice you have received and why?

Have the courage to be yourself under any circumstance, even when it’s inconvenient.  That itself is enough.  Know who you are and stick to the facts.

What has been the most impressive/memorable question anyone has ever asked you?

Who do you need?

If you have siblings, are they also entrepreneurs?

2 of the 3 are, yes.  My father, aunt, uncle, grandparents, and some cousins — about 50% of my family are entrepreneurs.  We all hate being told what to do!

Do you think the drive to become an entrepreneur is born with or is learned?

I really have no idea.  All I know is it’s binary — either you are, or you aren’t.  You really cannot teach it.  It’s embedded in your spirit and soul.  And you know that because it’s so unrelenting — like an unquenched thirst or ravenous hunger — that you must fulfill it.  It’s more powerful than anything — giving you super-human strength, stamina, and determination.  It’s an obsession for which being recognized is irrelevant.  It’s not a decision.  It’s a destiny you know you cannot but venture forth until what you see in your mind’s eye is what you then become.  There’s no Plan B (only Plan A with plot twists).  I’ve never ever thought for a single second, “what if….” I believe you can will something into being… you must stay stalwart, patient, and disciplined.  It’s the greatest gift to know your purpose has bestowed you with all the tools you’ll need to survive and thrive.  It requires just two things: luck and 100% confidence in yourself.  Once you have that, you’re invincible.  Couple that with intention — of service and giving altruistically.  “Life is planting a tree under whose shade you shall never sit.”   If you’re not giving everything you have away, you’re missing the larger picture.  So get planting.

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