Jennifer roberts

Some people think that the key to success lies within their daily routine. Do you agree with this, and if so, what is your daily routine?

For some, I am certain that structure is helpful. In my line of work, no two days seem to be the same, which throws a lot of the daily routine concepts out the door.  I travel a lot for my work, so other than the daily morning coffee, my day has a little routine.  I can say that when I exercise in the morning, I tend to think clearer, have more energy, and have a lot less stress.  

Looking back at your teenage years, did you have any entrepreneurial interests?

I always had a scheme of some sort in mind, but I am not sure they were all entrepreneurial.  I was probably in my late teens when I decided that Richard Branson was my idol, and I was hopeful that I could convince him to let me carry his briefcase for a year.  I am not sure that letter was ever sent, but I talked about it a lot.  I was also really impressed by certain companies, such as LL Bean, where they accepted any product back for a return and replacement no matter how long it had been in your possession.  I thought this was such an interesting marketing concept.  If we speak, I will tell you my farm stand story, but it’s probably not a good story for publication! 

Is there a specific time of day where you feel most productive?

Mornings!  Usually after the second cup of coffee until about 3 pm. 

Do you think there is one character trait/skill that is important to have in order to become a successful entrepreneur in today’s world?

It’s super important to be nimble and flexible more than it is to be steadfast.  I think sometimes the best opportunities are the least expected so you have to know when they appear and be able to correct course.  I also think it’s incredibly important to be kind.  It’s an underrated trait that should be applied more often. 

Has being a woman in the business world denied you of any opportunities, how so? 

Being a woman has both advantages and disadvantages.  I have been in board meetings as the only woman and asked repeatedly to do menial tasks that men have not been asked to do but on the other hand I 

What is one major goal that you wish to achieve by 2030?

That’s a very hard question to answer.  I’d like to do one long-haul sail on either the Atlantic or Pacific oceans.  

Who is your biggest influence, and why? 

Definitely my dad.  Not because he was the most talented businessman, but because he was a kind, generous and caring person.  He was also a little mischievous and incredibly smart, well-spoken, and humorous. 

If you could pick one female entrepreneur, who would you say is your biggest inspiration. 

I am always in awe of women who are entrepreneurs and single moms.  I can’t pick someone who I would say holds that place consistently, but for the moment I would say my friend Carla Ruben.  She has a catering company that is very successful in New York and South Florida, she’s a single mom, and has an incredible spirit and a great heart. She also brings a lot of happiness to many people with her business, Creative Edge.  She also comes up with a million ways to generate new businesses… 

What has been the most formative advice you have received and why?

My dad left me and my brother a letter upon his death that stated that “if a celebrity were to come our way, treat it with respect and return to the anonymity of your ordinary life.”  I have no interest in celebrities and I am uncomfortable in the spotlight which is a little challenging for my job at times.  When I have to do an interview I remind myself it’s just part of the job!

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