Some people think that the key to success lies within their daily routine. Do you agree with this, and if so, what is your daily routine?

Not really. Don’t think it is routine-specific, as everyone has different body bio-rhythms, but it is about not dropping the ball on items.

Looking back at your teenage years, did you have any entrepreneurial interests?

Not really, I was pretty clueless.  I was raised in a very small town in south TX on the border, with not a lot of resources.  The only thing I grabbed onto was being involved in getting the HS yearbook put together & realizing I loved marketing & sales and that I was very good at it.

Is there a specific time of day where you feel most productive?

Yes, I am not a morning person and work best between 10:00 am – 7:00 pm.   I don’t have specific times when I am more productive, just less productive before 10:00 am

Do you think there is one character trait/skill that is important to have in order to become a successful entrepreneur in today’s world?

Yes, drive, ambition, perseverance.

Has being a woman in the business world denied you of any opportunities, how so? 

Yes, of course.  Especially in the career, I ended up in.  And I started in 1975 when I graduated from college.  And while sexism is much less than what it was back then, there were countless opportunities I was left out of.

What is one major goal that you wish to achieve by 2030?

Successfully retire

Who is your biggest influence and why?

Not anyone specific person.  I was always observing people who were successful, studied their traits, then decided which ones I could actually do and set my course.  But one is always learning, it never stops.  One must always be open to new ideas, influences, trends, etc.

If you could pick one female entrepreneur, who would you say is your biggest inspiration. 

I really want to try to find the recipe for this meal I many years ago. It was this Not any one specific person, but rather a plethora of successful women.  The concept and method for a woman’s success has changed considerably over the last 45 years since I graduated from college

What has been the most formative advice you have received and why?


What has been the most impressive/memorable question anyone has ever asked you?

not sure

If you have siblings are they also entrepreneurs?

Not really.  I have 6 siblings & I am the most ambitious, successful.  I have 1 other that is also somewhat entrepreneurial

Do you think the drive to become an entrepreneur is born with or is learned?

I firmly believe one is born with it and the direction & how to achieve it can be learned, and resilience & perseverance can be taught, but the drive has to be inherent in one’s nature.

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